Coupon Codes

Everything you need to know about coupon codes: 

New Customers can use code "NEW2024" for 20% off their first purchase with us. First time purchases are eligible for a full refund, but return shipping is the customer's responsibility. 

We periodically send out coupon codes in our app notifications, emails, and social media posts, so be sure you are following all platforms.  These coupon codes are customer & platform specific, so they do not always work if shared with friends. 

Coupon codes do not automatically apply.  Customers must type in the code then click apply for it to work.   If you received a computer generated code through email, follow the instructions in that email to use that code.

We do not issue refunds to original payment for forgotten, invalid, or malfunctioning coupon codes.  Many times we will issue a gift card for forgotten codes, but it is not guaranteed.    If the discount is not reflecting on the checkout page, do not proceed to checkout unless you are willing to pay full price.   

You can reach out to customer service at or text 580-678-9117 for assistance with coupon codes.